Tai Chi Ottawa offers expert instruction in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan covering aspects such as Bare Hand Form, Weapons Forms, and Push Hands.

Our instructor focuses on the whole practice of Tai Chi and addresses comprehension, alignment, safety, and health in his teachings. Classes can include stretching, meditation, and martial art.

At Tai Chi Ottawa, our classes are structured similar to a family. A group of people come together to form each new class, learning and growing together, regardless of experience. Our classes are purposefully small, typically 10 to 12 students, in order to maximize individual progress.

Our centre also offers instruction in Lohan Qi Gong, commonly referred to as Qi Gong, a set of dynamic breathing and movement exercises designed for increased energy and vitality.

Classes are offered during the day and evenings at both our Westboro and Bells Corners locations.

New beginner adult and senior classes will start at both locations this fall. Contact us to book your place.